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***Sport Division will feature a 2-D format with 1.5-second split

$80 per Team/day for Open and Sport Classes. Snowmobile Class is $40 entry fee.


The running of Divisions this year will be Open followed by Sport, followed by Snowmobile.


  • 1. Horses are limited to (2) two runs maximum per day.

  • 2. Rider may ride any number of times, including twice on same horse.

  • 3. Open Class skiers must register with a horse/rider as a Matched team. Skiers cannot register independently in hopes to get a pull. Skiers can Match up to 2 times per day in the Open and then by rule enter the Draw. Sport skiers also have to enter Matched and then go into the Draw for 2nd run, limit of one Match. Any skier without a Match has to enter in Snowmobile class.

  • 4. Skier cannot ski (Matched) behind same horse twice in same day.

  • 5. Skier must use a baton (No shorter than 12" and no longer than 20") to pick up rings. (Baton & Rope will be available)

  • 6. Skier must have hold of tow rope across finish, otherwise team is DQ'd.

  • 7. Skier must be in control, and in an upright position (No part of skier's body touching the ground), and on at least one ski when crossing finish line, or team is DQ'd. Both ski tips, and boots must pass over finish line between finish gate markers. Rider must be on horse when skier crosses finish line or team is DQ'd. Although this event is similar to ski racing, ski racing rules do not apply to ski joring! ALL decisions will be made by the Finish Line Judge and the Course Director.

  • 8. Both ski tips and boots must go through (around to inside) gate or jump markers, including finish and start gate, otherwise it is considered missed, and penalties are applied.

  • 9. A Skier who "jumps" the start gate, and does not start the clock will not be allowed a re-run or re-start. Team is DQ'd.

  • 10. A skier will be granted one re-start if he lets go of the tow rope before tripping the start gate.

  • 11. Horse and rider have a maximum of (4) four minutes from the time the 'Course Clear' signal is given from starter to cross the starting line with skier, otherwise team is DQ'd. If rider chooses, they may leave the start area before the four minutes are up and calm their horse. Rider & skier will be allowed one restart when their name is called again.

  • 12. Substitute riders or skiers for a run will not be allowed for any reason after the Running List has been posted. If a competitor cannot make the run for any reason, that run (team) is DQ'd.

  • 13. NOTE: Alcohol consumption prior to competition is grounds for disqualification for that competitor, and ultimately that team! (Including Horses)

  • 14. No refunds of entry fees or Calcutta monies will be given if horse, rider or skier is not able to compete due to injury or other reasons. This applies to later runs on same day. Calcutta monies are paid to the top 3 finishing "Purchased" teams.

  • 15. Towrope (furnished) of 30 feet must be 1.) Attached to saddle horn on front of saddle by braided loop and run on either side of rider. Rope cannot run under the saddle. Or 2.) Attached directly to the primary rigging rings of the saddle construction with a non-elastic material, or 3.) Attached within six inches (6") of the cantle to the edge of the rope (under strain).

  • 16. Competitors may use their own rope as long as it conforms to Leadville standards and is approved by Start Official before race. i.e. Not longer than 30 feet total length, No elastic properties, Not less than 1/2" diameter.

  • 17. Connection of the pull rope to the saddle will be to the centerline of the horse with a carabiner type device.

Copy of 20190302-2L2A2727.jpg


Penalties will be added on to running times as follows:

  1. Missed Jump (5 Seconds)

  2. Missed Gate (5 Seconds)

  3. Missed (or dropped) ring - 2 Seconds per ring

  4. Dropped baton (or NO baton) before (at) finish - 2 Seconds

  5. Rings knocked off by rider - 2 Seconds per ring

There is no penalty for rope or horse hitting jump marker or gate marker. Skier will be given credit for rings not in place on standards during his run, i.e. Wind, snowball from horse, or any other natural cause to make ring fall. NOTE: Rider hitting ring is NOT a natural cause!

Baton must be held in hand, and not secured to arm or placed under clothing.

Protests must be made immediately following run to Course Director at Finish before next team has competed.

Decision of judges is final!

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